The long-awaited summer vacations are approaching and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the temperatures, the hours of light and the end of the school year to plan the trip where the whole family can enjoy rest and recreation. Although Spaniards usually associate these vacations with tourism to areas of sun and beaches, there are other equally attractive options in quiet environments where you can have unforgettable experiences during the months of July and August. We are referring to the possibility of doing rural tourism.

Throughout Spain there are towns where you can spend your summer holidays with your family and enjoy the charms that each place offers. For example, bathe in one of the natural pools in Galicia. These options allow you to enjoy your summer days in contact with nature in its most genuine expression. A delight that will take you away from the rush and schedules, from the stress and fatigue imposed by the daily responsibilities of the city.

In this post we talk to you about the values associated with rural tourism and we focus on one of the most beautiful rural towns in Spain. We indicate the places of greatest interest in its territory, its charms and how much it has to offer you. We are talking to you about Parada de Sil, one of the towns that make up the Ribeira Sacra and which from our Carrioza rural house we invite you to visit on your next summer vacation.


Benefits of rural tourism

Rural environments have very special and attractive characteristics, they are environments where nature reigns with its load of possibilities to have vacation experiences that will bring you closer to new ways of conceiving recreation. It is not leaving the routine to enter into inaction, no. It is resorting to other means of distraction where nature reigns as the main protagonist. In addition, rural tourism offers you multiple advantages, among which we highlight the following:

  • The expenses inherent to vacation trips to rural towns are usually lower than to other destinations where the prices of almost everything skyrocket in summer. Consequently, these are trips that are within reach of your pocket.
  • When you do rural tourism in any town in Spain, you promote local commerce. You favor the growth of small entrepreneurs who, with different proposals, offer you to learn about their sites of tourist interest, their history, historical and cultural reserves, their gastronomy, their traditions and other features that distinguish them as a town.
  • As far as accommodations are concerned, you will receive a warmer and closer treatment than what large hotels usually offer. In rural towns, the locals will receive you with special hospitality, without reservation when advising you so that your plans are fulfilled on time and by even putting rooms in their own house at your disposal. You will find options within your budget such as, for example, the rural houses in Parada de Sil.

Advantages like these are what are promoting rural tourism as an increasingly popular alternative in Spain. More and more Spaniards choose towns as tourist destinations to breathe a very special type of tranquility in the company of family or good friends.

Rural tourism in Parada de Sil

Once we have talked to you about general aspects of rural tourism, we are excited to try to motivate you to come to Parada de Sil to spend your summer holidays with us. A beautiful town in the province of Ourense, in Galicia, with enormous tourist potential that must offer you the opportunity to enter the magical spaces of the Ribeira Sacra.

In Parada de Sil you will visit places of great scenic, cultural and historical value; You will have experiences that will connect you with your human version and will forge the appreciation of sensations to which perhaps you were never exposed. And to support the possibility of deciding to come to know this land, we will inform you about what you can see and do in Parada de Sil.

Places of interest in Parada de Sil

There are many places from which you would take good memories and that are located in this town or its surroundings, integrated into the immense value of the Ribeira Sacra. Next, we are going to present you a representative sample of the sites most visited by tourists and that have historically been treasures protected by nature and for which we enjoy the advantages what it means to live in Parada de Sil.

Sil Canyons

They are deep canyons formed by the bed of the Sil River before meeting the Miño River and which marks the natural limit between the provinces of Lugo and Ourense. Natural and heritage legacies have been developed in its surroundings for centuries, it has a length of approximately fifteen kilometers and slopes between 300 and 500 meters. On its steep slopes, the vineyards have been part of its history since time immemorial, you will have spectacular views of them if you tour the Sil canyons by car or if you tour them aboard a catamaran.

Monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil

This monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil located on the bank of the Sil River is a Romanesque jewel in the Ribeira Sacra. It has its origins in the 10th century and still contains architectural elements used in its original Romanesque construction. A visit that cannot be missed on your visit to these sacred lands.

Other sites of important tourist value are:

  • House – Chocolate Factory Museum
  • Los Balcones de Madrid Viewpoint, Triguás Viewpoint, A Column Viewpoint, Pena de Ctividade Viewpoint, Cabezoás Viewpoint and others.
  • Necropolis of San Victor.
  • Roman bridge of Conceliñas.
  • Hermitage of Triguás.

In addition, you will be able to see beautiful walkways, mills, wells, waterfalls, vineyards, wineries in Parada de Sil where you can enjoy our famous wines, liquor stores and our craft beers, etc. Likewise, you can follow various hiking routes so that you can explore our trails on foot and have close contact with nature. Regarding accommodation, don’t worry, we will wait for you with the doors open in our Carrioza rural house. We also recommend the Hotel Restaurante O Balcón da Ribeira, one of the best hotels with views of the Sil Canyons</ a>. In our facilities you will feel comfortable and safe, like in your own home.

Finally, we invite you to contact us to reserve with us the space you require to come and enjoy your summer vacation doing rural tourism in Parada de Sil. We will wait for you!

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